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Thanks for being part of the ever growing Crypto Community. This forum was started with the idea that stories, concerns, information, and problems, with any type of crypto currency could be shared easily.  Having had some wallet troubles with a couple of different coins in the past, I know how frustrating it can be to not find any help out there. I hope that the arrangement of this forum will allow for easy access to questions and answers for specific coins, and I hope the dev teams for these coins will also participate in these forum, both for help as well as furthering their own development. As you know it is an exciting time and we look to the future where the people have taken back control of their money. Certainly there will be some ups and downs as the Corporate powers will eventually attack the market through both it’s institutions and controlled governments. I hope that this forum will help both with information as well as unity. If you would like a new forum open for your favorite crypto, let me know.

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