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December 13, 2016 at 4:26 am #4920
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composite wood floor Good because of its foot feeling, service life is long, natural beautiful of effect of plain, laid wait for an advantage and get of consumer chase after hold in both hands,[url=]cost of outdoor flooring products[/url] more and more consumer preference laid are solidWooden floor, so bridal chamber is finishing after be being entered, composite wood floor How should maintain, Occurrence nick this how Where is repair
1, precaution Fall clog, edge tool not carefully in the life to wooden floor or sole has sand to walk on wooden floor,[url=]build outside courtyard composite flooring[/url] the metropolis is different of degree scratch ofwooden floor surface, destroy floor surface Paint; owner people should be on guard Yu Weiran, suggest the user is in Indoor door Mouth or indoor put Carpet Prevent the sand on the shoe to take a floor, [url=]7ft high wood fence panels[/url] had better wear soft sole to walk indoors.
2, scratch is handled more greatly Still having a kind of case is bruise deeper, usable solid repairs candle to do stuff, undertake chromatically with filling Qi Bi next, finally again polishing processing. If you feel so trival, can buy a bottleFloor wax, undertake wiping with pulling the land normally, a few not be particularly deep nick can be handled.
3, scratch is handled gentlier Surface of composite wood floor by cut, [url=]lay wpc flooring at backyard[/url] it is paint also was destroyed commonly. This should see rate of cut of face of composite wood floor. If cut of exterior paint film is more shallow, the method that can wax with polishing undertakes handling, will pull after be being wiped clean can.

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