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Nowadays, woodFloorIt is the ground material that lives in the first selection in decorating, give howeverWooden floorWax OK and very good addition is beautiful, [url=http://waterproofboards.com/cheap-plank/2532.html] Australia Wood Plastic Composites Manufacturer[/url] but insect-resistant, moistureproof, prevent craze, prolong floor service life, it is the necessary step that wooden floor maintains, but when floor giving wood waxes if the method is undeserved, float generation mark of white, circle, and become angry wait for a phenomenon, be just the opposite to what one wished, must seek way of the other side when wooden floor waxes so. So, next small make up for everybody introduction wooden floor waxes method and wooden floor install a note.Wooden floor waxes method.
1, clear ground rubbish and sundry, erect construction indicates a shop sign. The neuter scour after using dilute wipes the besmirch on the floor. Water of offer of usable to the besmirch that keeps clear of hard letter is wiped. [url=http://waterproofboards.com/plastic-board/6738.html] best white wpc europe[/url] Stay in groove to prevent scour to accumulate place, immersed the dishcloth of scour should be twisted as far as possible dry. Cleared agent can bring about floor dried meat be soiled of floor generation mark and bouffant, absolutely cannot use.
2, cooperate with neuter cleanerWash ground machineClean the ground clean. v[url=http://waterproofboards.com/wholesale-deck/3363.html] Most Cheap Floor Tiles In China[/url] Use twist dry dishcloth to undertake wiping forcibly. Floor surface, especially groove part, should wipe carefully, do not want rudimental scour. If remain,scour and water cent, meeting causes the appearance extensive is white, bouffant.
3, with workTowelDry the ground or wait for its nature air. The moisture of surface of sufficient and dry floor and groove ministry is completely dry for rear can wax. Need time to also produce change according to seasonal and different, place, but should spend above a long time roughly. If do not have a course,sufficient and dry, floor dried meat will not adhere to cheek by jowl in floor surface, influence beautiful, generation floats white phenomenon.
4, when after the ground is dry, wax equably in its surface again.[url=http://waterproofboards.com/wholesale-deck/1783.html] interlock garden tiles price[/url] Shake ofFloor waxcontainer, sufficient mix is even. The wooden grain direction according to the floor is careful daub, do not want leakage to besmear or Bao Hou not all. Daub quantity can cause shade too less not all, daub can be brought about again too much go to film is undesirable. Maintaining Bao Houjun divide evenly is to hit dried meat crucial. Not usable water is attenuant floor dried meat. Wax the tool can be used wax special pull cloth, operation handy, effect is ideal.
5, when after candle face is thoroughly dry, use high speed by professional personagePolisherCooperate polishing to fill up divide evenly fast polishing arrives the surface is shining can.
6, wax and the ground after polishing, shining and neat, feeling view effect is special beautiful. Before floor dried meat is dry, do not walk on the floor please. Dry want a flower 20 minutes to arrive normally a hour. If have leakage besmear, should undertake filling besmearing. When the 2nd the means that if be used twice,waxes, daub, want to undertake after first time is completely dry.

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